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January 05, 2006



I've ordered my copies - Thanks for the heads up.

I've used the World Place Finder v1.0 quite extensively as I struggle through a 67,000 name database I inherited sorting out and standardising the place names. Hopefully v1.1 will fix some of the glitches that 1.0 had, like identifying England, Ireland, Wales and Scotland as United Kingdom.

My main gripe about this database is that it won't run on my Macintosh - heck it's only a database, so I don't see why it can't be distributed as say a FileMaker Pro file, but it runs OK under Virtual PC.



Progeny's SSDI data-on-CD is over 5 YEARS OLD. If their World Place Finder is also an antique, I'd say that they've hit on a pretty good way to make a couple bucks getting rid of their obsolete CD's.

Shame on you, Dick Eastman, for mongering this junk to your readers.

Dick Eastman

I have used both and like them. I keep the World Place Finder on my hard drive all the time.

I'd say the two combined are worth a lot more than $6.00.

- Dick Eastman

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